TalentEd is keen to partner with schools across the UK which have:

  • Above average (>16.3%) numbers of students on Free School Meals
  • Pupils who are high ability (levels 4/5 at Key Stage 2), but are not on track for 3 As/A*s at GCSE
  • A leadership team which wants to challenge their brightest students and close the gap of educational inequality

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about how TalentEd’s expert teachers can give your bright students the support, skills and aspirations to realise their potential.

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Expert teachers


Becoming a TalentEd tutor gives you the opportunity to:

  • teach without the pressures of planning lessons, reports and data management
  • get paid to use your experience and qualifications to tackle educational inequality
  • build a relationship with a small group of bright students over a year and support them to develop the skills and aspirations to realise their potential

For a more details, click here for our full job description or click the button below to apply.

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If you have any questions please email or call 020 3544 2090.

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University Students

TalentEd is currently recruiting university students to volunteer with us. Volunteering as a TalentEd university student gives you the opportunity to:

  • inspire bright young people from low income backgrounds by sharing your university experience
  • strengthen your CV by demonstrating a range of transferable skills including leadership, teamwork and commitment
  • gain valuable experience of good teaching practice by working alongside an expert

Want to know more? Click here for a blog post by one of our volunteers about her experience at one of our schools.

Year 10 Student or Parent

Are you a TalentEd student? Have a look at the resource page. Don’t forget to get the password from your tutor!

Do want TalentEd to provide support at your school? Email us with your school’s details and we will be in touch.