Our bright students

The schools with which we work have higher than average numbers of children on Free School Meals. Together, we select pupils who were achieving level 4/5 at Key Stage 2 but who are not on track for three A*/A grades at GCSE.

These students also miss out on university and careers. The 2014 Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission Report tells us that the most advantaged children are 6 times more likely to go to university than the most disadvantaged. In addition, those from low income backgrounds are more than twice as likely to be unemployed.

Sir Michael Wilshaw quote in conversation with TalentEd, explaining that Ofsted want schools to challenge their brightest students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Our small groups

TalentEd tutors build a nurturing relationship with their small group of the same 4 students each week.

The evidence in the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit (2014) states that smaller groups allows for more sustained engagement from pupils and work that is more closely matched to learners’ needs which builds more effective feedback.

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Our expert teachers

TalentEd’s expert teachers are all qualified, with years of experience in secondary schools.

Ofsted’s 2012/2013 Annual Report confirms, as you might expect, that stronger teaching comes from experienced teachers. The 2014 EEF evidence shows the quality of teaching increases the effectiveness of small group tuition. TalentEd is therefore committed to quality. In addition to our tutors’ qualifications and experience, we have a rigorous recruitment process, ongoing support and regular appraisals.

We know from our work since 2012 that many qualified teachers who retire, take sabbaticals or start families, are passionate about education and want to continue to contribute. A 2015 DfE report states that there are 43,000 teachers leaving the profession each year.

TalentEd enables these expert teachers to use their qualifications and experience to give hundreds of bright young people from low income backgrounds personalised support.


Sir Michael Wilshaw in conversation with TalentEd in 2016, on passionate expert teachers


Our programme

TalentEd sessions run for one hour after school every week for three terms. Our sessions are not subject-specific. Instead, students develop self-awareness, study skills, aspirations and the ability to pursue future options through a series of themes including:

  • Growth mindsets and resilience
  • Presentation and debating skills
  • CV writing and interview practice
  • Structuring essays
  • Revision and exam techniques

A TalentEd Coordinator is responsible for liaison and logistics so that tutors can completely focus on their students.

We work with a cohort of 12, 18 or 24 students in each school. To contribute to our costs, we charge schools dependent on the cohort size for the full academic year. Schools often consider this to be a good use for parts of their Pupil Premium or Aim Higher budgets. We are a registered charity and we also receive grant funding to help subsidise our process.



Student quote A*s and As

Our Theory of Change

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