Expert teachers for Bright students
Giving students the support they need with Small groups
Our programme is tailored by Expert teachers

We believe that every young person should have the support, skills and aspirations to reach their potential. 

Sadly, this is not the case for young people from low income areas in the UK and educational inequality is highest amongst the brightest students.  TalentEd is a charity that offers high-ability young people a year-long programme of weekly after-school sessions. Our qualified teachers and inspirational role models improve grades and academic and career options for those pupils. Click here to apply.

TalentEd’s programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual by expert teachers. Our partner schools identify the needs of their cohort and choose a programme theme, either a) study skills, confidence & aspirations, b) subject specific, or c) study skills & revision. TalentEd tutors then  provide individual support to their small group of students, tailoring sessions to help them reach their potential.

Since 2012, TalentEd has supported over 1280 bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Theory of Change

Our success relies on our three key pillars: bright students, small groups, and expert teachers. Using these ingredients, we tailor our programme to the needs of the individual students. Personalised support is what makes a key difference to our students. Read our Theory of Change.

“My tutor was easy to learn from and took her time to explain something, even if it took the whole session.”

As schools close, TalentEd moves online

These are unprecedented times. For all of us, life has been turned upside down in recent weeks, but our emergency services - including schools - are making us proud. In some respects the coronavirus does not discriminate; we are all potential victims or carriers. Yet...

Experienced tutor Amira’s top tips on a great TalentEd session

Our 300 tutors are an impressive bunch, sharing between them a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with young people. Amira Marius is one of TalentEd's long-serving tutors, aiding in the support of not only our pupil premium students, but also her fellow...

Our brand new programme launch

We are extremely excited to announce some big changes to our programmes at TalentEd! 1. Brand new programme format 2. Revamped session resources These will improve the impact we can have working with our students, and offer even better value to our school partners....

TalentEd at Christmas: What happened at our first event?

This month we hosted our first ever event to celebrate the fantastic work our tutors have done this year. TalentEd at Christmas- Celebrating Those Who Made 2019 a Success, was an opportunity to say a big thank you for the time, effort and passion our tutors dedicate...

2018/19 Annual Impact Report- Programme significantly boosts Maths and English grades.

For the first time, TalentEd's 2018-19 Impact Report highlights the fantastic impact we have had over the past year. We worked with more high-potential disadvantaged students, delivered more hours of tailored tuition, and had a greater impact than ever before! Most...

Sutton Trust Report: Students who receive private tuition disproportionately come from better-off backgrounds.

The Private Tuition Report, published last week by the Sutton Trust, revealed the deep inequality in private tuition in the UK, and made a call to arms for more tuition to disadvantaged pupils. The report shows that the number of secondary students receiving private...

Introducing TalentEd’s new CEO, Adam Alagiah-Glomseth

TalentEd is delighted to introduce its new CEO, Adam Alagiah-Glomseth. Hear what he has to say about his background, and his thoughts on the exciting new things ahead for TalentEd.  My first reaction when I heard about TalentEd was “Why has no-one done this before?!”...

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