Over the summer, our data star Zaffia has been building our impact reports for the 2018-19 academic year and we are excited to have found that across four schools analysed 100% of students reported an increase in their confidence at the end of the TalentEd programme.

The individual schools impact that we have collected so far shows that every student at Landau Forte College, University Academy of Engineering South Bank, Unity Academy and Gateway Academy reported feeling that they had grown in confidence over the course of the TalentEd programme in 2018-19.

The reason why confidence is one of TalentEd’s main theory of change outcomes is the barrier it causes to young people’s progress, with self-belief often being far more limiting to success than actual ability. Our focus on growth mindset allows students to understand their potential and push the boundaries of their capabilities. For disadvantaged students, this is vital, as they find themselves falling behind their well-off peers as a result of educational inequality.

In Ofsted’s new Inspection Framework (effective as of September 2019) a large focus has been put onto the development of young people’s confidence and understanding of future options meaning that more than ever schools will need to be thinking about ways they can support their students beyond the limits of the curriculum, we are excited for the 2019-2020 academic year to continue helping schools to improve the confidence of their students and continuing the impact our programmes have on these young people’s lives.

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