In May, Ofsted published its eagerly awaited, updated, Education Inspection Framework (EIF). The inspection document takes on board much of the TalentEd ethos, developing a student centred approach to learning. Showing how children improve their learning through developing the skills for connecting new knowledge with existing knowledge, building on a confidence to learning and aspiration for the future rather than relying on the memorising of a selection of disconnected facts with no purpose.

Our feedback from new and existing partner schools who have already experienced inspections is that Ofsted, through the EIF, are pleased to recognise the importance of interventions that provide clear outcome and impact measures. The ability to point to clear evidence of support being given to those with an ability to be stretched regardless of their backgrounds.

Ofsted are keen to point to areas of delivery that contribute significantly and positively towards the school’s educational intent when considering the school’s curriculum leadership.

TalentEd’s theory of change and associated soft outcome scores provides Ofsted inspectors with clear evidence of activities that broadens, enriches and complements the school core curriculum. Our programme of 21 sessions provides the opportunity to embed attitudinal changes amongst students otherwise lacking in the support networks of their better of peers.

The changes that Ofsted are proposing through the new EIF means does require that schools and Academies do look offer programmes and support that extends the pupils knowledge and cultural capital and TalentEd ilst the school realigns its focus to identify other internal mechanisms for delivering this support.

Becoming a TalentEd Partner School demonstrates to Ofsted that curriculum leaders have an ambition and intent to broaden curriculum activities. How the school has given careful thought about what end points the curriculum is building towards. Not simply excellence in grades but also a rounded approach where skills, confidence and aspirations can both improve GCSE results and life chances.

The TalentEd programme supports and contributes favorably to the new EIF by helping to improve progress and attainment data by offering direct alignment with a wider scorecard that monitors skills, confidence and aspirations as well as capturing the views of parent and carers’. In doing so, our skills, confidence and aspiration programme can directly contributes to the school’s overall effectiveness.

Complements and strengthens the evidence that inspectors gather under section 5 and section 8 inspections.

The new EIF does put a new pressure on leaders to challenge their individual approaches and is fairly unforgiving on schools that cannot demonstrate immediate actions to come more in line with the framework. Working with our Partner Schools we are able to bring in both a programme resource and skilled tutors to and scale up quickly, whilst also offering training and support for the wider team.

Setting up a TalentEd programme can clearly demonstrate how a school’s activities deliver a high-quality education through teamwork and our small mentoring groups help high ability, disadvantaged pupils connect and work together to achieve the highest possible standard.

Just as Ofsted has refined and refreshed its’ approach, TalentEd continues to develop and refine its own programme based on the learnings and impact measures from partner schools and active programmes.

Successful schools have shown that by adopting the whole child approach they can deliver outstanding results time and again. The TalentEd programme has proven impact and strengthens a school’s evidence to demonstrate an outstanding approach to;

  • Quality of education
  • Behavior and attitudes
  • Personal development and contributes towards
  • Leadership and management

Visit our web site and review our other blogs on each of these areas to understand how TalentEd achieve this.

There EIF demands the effective use of assessment to assist teachers, schools and tutors to monitor development. However, this is tempered by the fact Ofsted are not supportive of an over reliance on data as a means to measuring performance.

Talented programmes provide a source of evidence specific to curriculum impact that pupils are progressing in terms of knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more without getting tied into developing time-consuming data systems. Our programme provides clear evidence of how PP has improved learning and progress of disadvantaged pupils and provides a source of evidence specific to leadership and management to demonstrate the effectiveness of the school provision.

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-Matthew Roberts, TalentEd Interim CEO

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