The Private Tuition Report, published last week by the Sutton Trust, revealed the deep inequality in private tuition in the UK, and made a call to arms for more tuition to disadvantaged pupils.

The report shows that the number of secondary students receiving private tuition continues to grow, up to 27% of students, from 18% in 2005. More concerningly, a gap still remains between the most wealthy students and their less-affluent peers. Children from high affluence households are 14 percentage points more likely to have received private tuition than children from low affluence households (34% compared to 20%).

This means that those from less well-off backgrounds have unequal access to quality education, compounding inequalities in other areas of life.

Recommendations made by the Sutton Trust focus on efforts to “level the playing field” for disadvantaged students. They advise that Pupil Premium funding be used to provide more one-to-one and small group tuition to disadvantaged pupils, and “an expansion of non-profit and state tuition”. They also explicitly call for tutors to be ‘experienced and well-qualified’.

These findings give strong support to both TalentEd’s mission and methods. We target only those pupils on Free School Meals who need the additional support to realise their full potential. And unlike any other organisation, we use only experienced and qualified teachers, meaning the tutoring they deliver is high quality and impactful.

We remain dedicated to closing the educational attainment gap and supporting schools in ensuring that all of their students have the opportunities to discover and reach their full potential.

Read the full report here.

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