National Tutoring Programme

The Government recently announced a £1bn package to help students catch up from the effects of the lockdown. We expect to be an approved NTP Provider, and are currently taking registrations from schools for Autumn programme starts.

Below is a summary for schools and teachers, and details of how TalentEd can help.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

It’s important to note that this £1bn is divided into two parts. The first part (£650m) will be a cash injection given to all schools to spend as they see fit. This will be distributed evenly across all schools on a per pupil basis, and will amount to roughly £80 per pupil.

The second part (£350m) will go towards setting up a National Tutoring Programme (NTP), which has been set up jointly by four charities – The Education Endowment Foundation, The Sutton Trust, Nesta, and Impetus.

It is widely accepted that the Coronavirus lockdown will have significantly widened the attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their wealthier peers, and this scheme is aimed at tackling this gap.

There is extensive evidence supporting the efficacy of tuition in helping students who have fallen behind, so  the NTP will make high quality tuition available to students in primary and secondary state schools from disadvantaged backgrounds.

For more info, see the EEF NTP website.

How will it work?

While full details have yet to be published, it is expected that the £350m will be available to schools to spend on approved organisations to provide tuition to their Pupil Premium students. The funding will subsidize 75% of the cost of the tuition, with schools being expected to make up the remaining 25%. It is expected that there will be a pre-approval process to ensure that providers meet necessary requirements around quality, safeguarding, impact evaluation.

There will be two pillars to the NTP scheme:

  • NTP Partners – schools will be able to access heavily subsidized tuition from high-quality pre-approved providers, such as TalentEd
  • NTP Coaches – trained graduates will be employed by schools in the most disadvantaged areas to provide intensive catch-up support to students

For detailed FAQs on the NTP, please see here.

How can TalentEd help?

As an experienced provider of high-quality tuition to disadvantaged students, we are expecting to be approved as an NTP Partner.

All of our tutors are qualified, experienced teachers, so we are able to offer students the highest quality support. Our tutors are professionals who know the curriculum, know the exam boards, and crucially know how to help young people learn.

We are also cost-effective, because our tuition is delivered in small groups of max. 4 students – meaning the cost per student is significantly reduced.

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