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In brief

Charities write Policies to document their approach to specific areas of focus such as safeguarding and fundraising. Well written policies are focused on continuous improvement and increasing impact for children. Some Policies are statutory which means we have to have them by law others are determined by the charity

Statement of intent

It is the charities intention to be wholly inclusive and supportive of children and adults regardless of any special needs, disabilities or disadvantage to ensure that they progress in realising their full potential. E ill endeavour to do our best, and to make all reasonable adjustments within our power, to ensure everyone makes progress in these goals.

Attached below are a list of our policies. We hope you will find them helpful and should you identify anything which attracts your interest the charity would be pleased to hear from you.

Absenteeism Policy

Anti-harassment and bullying

Annual leave and work flexibility

Customer care and complaints policy

Data Protection

Data Privacy Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Equal opportunities

Expenses – Central team and trustees

Financial Processes

Grievance Processes

Health and Safety

Jury Service

Maternity Leave

Performance Management


Pricing Policy

Recruitment – Central team

Risk Management Policy


Salary Review

Shared Parental Leave



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