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1. Mindsets

2. Problem Solving

3. Analysing Information

4. Planning & Structuring Arguments

5. Debating

6. Essay Writing

7. Just for Fun


1. Mindsets

Watch: ‘Growth Mindset Animation’ – A short animation explaining a growth mindset.

Read: ‘How can you change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset’ – 4 simple steps to achieve a growth mindset.

Watch: ‘The Power of Belief – Mindset & Success’ – Eduardo Bricano, the founder of an organisation which specialises in the growth mindset approach, explains how a growth mindset can lead to success.

Watch: ‘Developing a Growth Mindset’ – Carol Dweck, the psychologist who discovered the growth mindset approach, explains the evidence behind this path to success.

Read: ‘How to develop a growth mindset for better learning’ which includes 5 steps to developing a growth mindset.

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2. Problem Solving

Watch: ‘Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle’ – A video posing a problem to solve. Pause the video at 1 minute 40 seconds to work out the answer. Press play again to check the solution.

Read: ‘Problem Solving: the mark of an independent employee’ – This article explains why employers like to hire strong problem solvers.

Do: ‘The famously difficult green-eyed logic puzzle’ – A video explaining a logic puzzle. Pause the video at 1 minute 52 seconds to work out the answer. Press play again to check the solution.

Read: SkillsYouNeed’s steps for learning how to solve problems here.

Read: The Balance’s article on problem solving, which includes an A-Z list of skills that can contribute to strengthening your problem solving abilities.

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3. Analysing Information

Read: ‘Your Brain on Apps’ – an article which provides you with the best apps to use to improve your cognitive functioning. Which will, in turn, also strengthen your ability to analyse information!

Read: ‘Developing your Analytical Skills’ an online slideshow which explains why analytical skills are important, and tips on how to improve them.

Watch: ‘How Logical are you?‘ a video about Wason’s 4 card selection task which demonstrates your logical reasoning abilities.

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4. Planning & Structuring Arguments

Watch: ‘Daniel H. Cohen: For argument’s sake’ – A philosopher explains why he thinks it is beneficial to lose arguments!

Read: ‘An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments’ – This book explains some commonly used bad arguments and shows why they don’t make much sense. A great introduction to logic! Have a look at the pictures and come up with your own examples.

Read: ‘Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Read the arguments and then decide whether the Barcelona wizard or the Real Madrid magician is the greatest footballer in the world’ – An article outlining arguments for why two different footballers are the best in the world. Who do you think is the best footballer based on these arguments? Can you add any points which might settle the dispute?

Read/Watch: Sussex University’s guide to developing an argument here. A video featuring Jackie Wills and helpful tips in the article below.

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5. Debating

Read: ‘BBC – Featured Ethical Issues’ – A list of commonly debated ethical issues. Find a topic that interests you and click to find the key arguments.

Read: ‘Hostage Negotiation Techniques That Will Get You What You Want’ – Advice on how to persuade people based on the techniques used by the police when they negotiate with hostage takers.

Read: The Guardian’s article on how debating in schools can help to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Read: This article from Forbes which looks at whether debaters make better lawyers.

Read/Watch: This article and video from the Evening Standard look at how debating can help to improve poor social mobility in the UK.

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6. Essay writing

Watch: ‘5 tips to improve your writing’ – Some helpful tips to improve your writing and avoid common mistakes.

Read: ‘The Cosmos Was Alive With the Sound of Matter – K.C. Cole’ – An essay about a scientific discovery. Described by some as the best popular science essay ever!

Read: ‘The top 10 essays written since 1950’ – A list of some of the most important essays written since 1950, with descriptions.

Read: ’51 of the best sentences in literature’ – A selection of sentences suggested by readers as the best sentences in literature. A slightly different list can be found here.

Watch: ’10 Costly Typos’ – 10 real life scenarios when a redraft would have saved a lot of embarrassment!

Read: ‘Why write several drafts?’ – Scroll down for a helpful guide to the redrafting process from De Montfort University.

Watch: ‘The power of a great introduction’ – A video providing advice on how to write a great introduction.

Read: Sheffield University’s guide to planning and structuring an essay here.

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7. Just for Fun

Do: Scroll down to explore some critical thinking activities from GlobalDigitalCitizen.

Read/Do: Take a look at ‘The Critical Thinking Workbook’ by GlobalDigitalCitizen (This is a 32 page PDF booklet).

Do: These 7 puzzles from Psychology Today to challenge your critical thinking.

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