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1. Revision Techniques

2. Exam Techniques

3. Relaxation and Stress Management

4. Just for Fun


1. Revision Techniques

Watch: ‘How to help revision’ – Video claiming to show the best ways to revise – do you agree?

Read: ‘Study hacks’ – Will these help improve your memory and concentration?

Watch: ‘Revision skills videos’ – Videos to help you tackle revision, exam preparation and taking an exam.

Read: ‘Revision and Exam Tips’ – Tips from a student about revision and exams.

Do: Explore GoConqr’s website for 10 revision tips, plus free membership for further resources.

Read: StudentHack’s article on ’17 Killer Revision Tips’.

Do: Explore BBC Bitesize’s website for revision advice and revision guides.

Do/Create: Make Pinterest boards if you are a strong visual learner – check these out for inspiration. Not sure what kind of learner you are? Take this quiz to find out, and use the results to guide your revision to achieve your strongest learning potential.


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2. Exam Techniques

Read: ‘Exam techniques tips and tricks’ – Tips and knowledge about exams from an ex-student and a University lecturer who knows that this is really important!

Do: ‘AQA Past exam papers’, ‘WJEC Past exam papers’, ‘Edexcel Past exam papers’, ‘OCR Past exam papers’, ‘CCEA Past exam papers’ –  Completing past exam papers is really useful. It can help you get used to doing an exam in timed conditions but can also highlight what you need to focus on. These links are for the 5 most common exam boards for GCSE.

Read: This article on ‘How to perfect you exam technique to make your grades shine’.

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3. Relaxation and Stress Management

Read: ‘Revision tips’ – Maximise learning and reduce stress – do you agree with what the article says?

Read: ‘GCSE Revision Tips: How to deal with exam stress’ – this article includes 10 tips for stress management.

Do: Visit ChildLine’s website for trained professionals if you are in need of someone to talk to.

Read: ‘Exam Stress: A revision guide for the anxious’ for tips on how to handle exam stress if you’re particularly nervous.

Watch: ‘Revision Tips – Beating exam stress’ to hear from BBC Bitesize, Radio 1 and 1XTRA on how to handle exam stress.

Read: ’15 ways to make studying less stressful for maximum motivation and great results’.

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4. Just for Fun

Do: ‘Create your own quiz’ – Make quizzes to suit your needs and test your friends!

Read: ‘4 ways to make exam revision fun’ – or think about what makes you want to learn, and incorporate that into your revision.

Read: ‘6 fun study tips’ and see whether these help to inspire you to revise!

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