We are asking all of our tutors to lend us a hand in our recruitment efforts to help   us expand our reach and help even more bright, disadvantaged students. 

From now until 1st December, we are offering £60 in Theatre Tokens  to spend at any theatre on any production you so choose. All you need to do is refer a teacher to TalentEd, if they become approved and  and cite you as a referrer on their application, we will give you a £60 theatre voucher to say thank you. To find out more about the offer email me at chloe.cooper@talent-ed.uk or watch your inbox for further emails on our referral offer.

*terms of competition: For referral to be valid, the referred person must complete a TalentEd application form, listing ‘Word of Mouth’ in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ drop down and writing the full name of the individual they were referred by in the ‘If relevant, please elaborate…’ field below it. Offer ends December 11th      2019 when  theatre vouchers will be rewarded to those who have referred a tutor who becomes approved between the date of 11/09/2019 and 11/12/2019. Referrers must already be approved tutors with TalentEd.


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