For the first time, TalentEd’s 2018-19 Impact Report highlights the fantastic impact we have had over the past year. We worked with more high-potential disadvantaged students, delivered more hours of tailored tuition, and had a greater impact than ever before!

Most impressively, the report reveals that by GCSE, TalentEd students had improved their English and Maths grades by an average of 25%, moving them from a failing grade on average to a pass.

In English, our students on average went from a grade 3 at baseline to a 6 at GCSE, while in Maths they went from a 3 to a 5. This means they moved from a fail to a pass. The non-grade data we collect reveals that TalentEd students reported on average a 42% increase in their confidence and a 20% improvement in their subject-specific knowledge over the course of the TalentEd programme.

We’re incredibly proud of the progress our students have made, helped and guided by our fantastic team of experienced teachers. Given that many disadvantaged young people are found to be up to 18 months behind their more affluent peers by the age of 16, we think their achievements are really important. Their success demonstrates the impact that tailored, long-term support delivered by qualified tutors can have.

TalentEd’s impact information is gathered from a combination of GCSE and other baseline grades, and student self-reported surveys conducted during the TalentEd programme. We take impact evaluation very seriously, and while we recognise we have plenty of room for improvement, it is an area we are constantly working to strengthen.

Read our full report for 2018/19 here.

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