In our first quarter, student attendance levels have reached an all-time high at 80% (up from 64%), reflecting some of the fantastic work done by tutors and link teachers in motivating students to attend our programme in their own time.  

The figures suggest that we are winning the battle on engaging high ability disadvantaged students who often struggle to remain committed to their own educational development.  

A great deal of work is being put in by tutors to unlock the potential and interest of students through the development of materials and delivery styles to create both energy, challenge and empathy. In the past, where students have become disengaged, there has been a tendency to allow them to drop off the programme to focus on those who are showing real progress. Now non-attendance is very much something tutors and link teachers try to avoid, recognising that non-attendance represents a failing of the programme and the initial object, proving that the challenge to success is a team effort.

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