It is that time of year again! Time for us to start working on our Annual report. We publish a report every year that details how our programmes are doing. We do this by analysing the data available to us. The goal of these reports is to provide a picture of the progress made by the young people we are helping.

Logistically, the report is a big job, it involves compiling all the existing data we have on the students including baseline grades and surveys. We then have to approach the relevant schools and ask them to provide us with the most up to date data for the students, this includes GCSE grades. This can be difficult as the schools have to compile datasets that they may not have readily available. Response rates vary, some schools will provide data the same day, others will need continuous chasing.

This year, we have a very tight time frame! We need to publish our report by the middle of September giving us just three works to collect the data, clean it, analyse it and compile a report from Results Day. We are hoping to have data on two thirds of our schools presented in the report, however this depends on how quickly they send it to us.

These reports are important to our stakeholders. It’s important for the team to know we are being effective and to make changes if we are not; our funders, so they feel confident in our organisation; and lastly, our schools, so they know they have made the right choice by having us in their school.

Wish us luck for this year’s report!

Zaffia – Business Development Partner

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