We are excited to announce the launch of our fundraising project with The Good Exchange, raising funds to support programmes for students in one of London’s most disadvantaged areas, Enfield.

This project is focused in Enfield due to its ranking as the 12th most deprived borough in London. The area has significant problems around housing, homelessness and low pay. This is a major issue as it is one of the largest influences on the development of disadvantaged students. Insignificant income and poor housing mean children do not have the environment and resources to maximise their learning.

The project will be running until February 18th 2020 and will be aiming to raise £10,720 to support students in the area with our 21-week sessions, helping them to develop skills and aspirations and realise their full potential. To put this into perspective, £25 pays for one session for one child and so with the generous donations made through the Good Exchange, we hope to bring our programme to over 20 students in the area.

If you would like to help us on our mission to support Enfield’s most disadvantaged students go to https://app.thegoodexchange.com/project/14689/talented/transforming-the-lives-of-disadvantaged-young-people to give as little as £2.


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