We are extremely excited to announce some big changes to our programmes at TalentEd!

1. Brand new programme format
2. Revamped session resources

These will improve the impact we can have working with our students, and offer even better value to our school partners. These changes are based on feedback collected from our tutors, schools and students.

1. ….
We are launching a brand-new shorter 12-week programme offering alongside our existing 21-week programme. This programme format will mean we can focus only on the areas of greatest need to our students, while also offering a lower cost option to schools with tight budgets. So going forward, schools will be able to sign up to one of two programmes:

Complete Support Package
• 21-week sustained support throughout the year, usually covering two terms
• Covers the full programme, tailored to student needs
• Builds skills, confidence, and knowledge to succeed

Student Accelerator
• 12-week (one term) intensive programme
• Focus on key student development areas
• Rotate in new students each term

2. …
Even bigger news is coming! Alongside this, we have completely revamped our programme content based on tutor, school, and student feedback. We have been busy creating resources that we feel is line with current, innovative thinking in the world of education. The thought process draws on:

Pedagogical best practice
o Session resources have been rebuilt and updated
o New embedded AFL structure
o Focus on developing metacognition
 Greater engagement
o More challenge, discussion, and problem-solving
o Includes diverse range of learning styles
 Student-led learning
o Student, tutor, and school agree on most relevant sessions upfront
o Student voice is key – more engaging and relevant topics

The sessions will cover six main topics: Confidence, Subject specific, Revision, Exams, Special Interests, Aspirations and Your Future.

The great thing about our new programme content is that it is designed to be entirely bespoke based on student and school needs. We are keen to promote student-led learning, and so at the start of each programme, tutors will now curate the content with the school, tutor, and students. This ethos fosters a collaborative relationship which includes the selection of resources led by the students interest and needs, and is aimed at improving the engagement and outcomes of students.

We of course welcome feedback from our tutors as we roll out the new changes and look forward to them being used in sessions to come!

Jess and Abi
School Relation Managers

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