On 27th June, Matthew Roberts, TalentEd CEO attended the Fairer Education Association (FEA) Annual Summit held in central London.

TalentEd have been active members of both the Teach First Innovation Community and the fledgling FEA. Now these two organisations are partnering up, Talented will be working with the FEA and other FEA members to help develop and support the new strengthened organisations strategy and aspirations.

The Fair Education Alliance is a coalition of over 100 organisations working together to drive lasting change at a local and national level. As a collective, they monitor the gap between the most disadvantaged children and their wealthier peers and use its collective voice and resources to end educational inequality.

Our shared vision is of an education system where no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. A world where disadvantage no longer determines literacy and numeracy rates at primary school, GCSE attainment at secondary school, the emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people, participation in further education, or university graduation.

We have a shared vision for education – where no child’s education is limited by their socio-economic status.

By adopting a Collective Action Project approach, members of the FEA and Teach First Innovation Community are looking to address the two fundamentals problems that contribute to this. Namely, that;

Education is not fair – Young people from low income communities are mush less likely to succeed in education and

Progress is too slow – Progress in tackling education inequality is too slow because work is fragmented and done in silos.

Throughout the day, delegates collaborated to develop ideas on how to address the three strategic areas, identified as having the most impact in closing this gap. The development of

  • World class teachers and leaders
  • A system that develops the whole child
  • Support for all post 16 destinations

The presentations from the Summit can be accessed here and TalentEd are very excited about the work that the FEA and its members will be looking to deliver going forward.

An excellent day, with some fantastic ideas and a broad exchange of views helping to create a very innovative and positive approach to solving these key challenges.

Well done to Sam (FEA) and Gina (Teach First) for arranging such a great event

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