TalentEd expert teacher tutor GraceTutor Case study: Grace

What attracted you to TalentEd?

I’m a freelance storyteller, published writer and teacher with a passion for empowering secondary school students in their studies.

I myself was a late developer and I wanted to feel like I was doing something to enable bright young people who aren’t doing as well as they can.

I also wanted to increase my income; however, my primary concern is to provide more support for young people. TalentEd was an opportunity and medium to facilitate young people’s studying experience.

Please tell me about your previous teaching experience?

I’ve been teaching since 1988; prior to that, I was a social worker. Then I helped a young person with their revision and they achieved a high grade so they encouraged me to pursue a teaching career.

I’ve taught at all levels, including University (up to Master’s level).

What does TalentEd offer that is different to other teaching experiences you’ve had?

It enables you to focus on students enjoying their learning experiences.

It offers young people the opportunity to learn with a conviction and it inspires creativity. They’re not simply regurgitating facts to achieve high grades. They will do better in their subjects and consolidate their interpersonal skills while they simultaneously start to think about their future progression.

What are you doing when you are not supporting TalentEd’s bright students?

I’m either running creative projects with other organisations, volunteering with my church, writing and performing music or poetry, or mentoring. I’m also putting together a proposal for a PhD.

In your own words, how would you describe your role as a TalentEd tutor?

A facilitator who helps their students develop varied study skills and competencies to improve their GCSEs and progress post-16, throughout their lives, to make better choices for the future and to discover new strengths – enabling them to go beyond.

What do you enjoy most about being a TalentEd tutor?

The fact that I’m making a difference because the young people are attending the sessions – they want to take part.

I don’t believe in being at the centre with the students listening to me. I like to know our students are taking control of their own learning and that we are in dialogue because they are also teaching me!

What impact do you think TalentEd tutors have on bright students from low income backgrounds?

I asked my students this recently. They all said that their grades have improved – every one of them!

What would you say to someone considering applying to become a TalentEd tutor?

Join TalentEd as a retired teacher (or not retired), because they will appreciate your skills and allow you to work creatively with young people.

In Britain, there isn’t much positive emphasis on seniority. TalentEd is a wonderful place if you want an organisation that places respect and value on your experience and knowledge and you want to work with young people to make them feel valued.


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