Tutor Case study: Ivan

TalentEd Expert teacher tutor Ivan

What attracted you to TalentEd?

It sounded right up my street! I missed helping young people to achieve what they want to achieve.

Tell me about your previous teaching experience

I’ve been a teacher for 25 years and am now semi-retired. I taught Maths, Business and Computing.

What does TalentEd offer that is different from other teaching experiences that you’ve had?

TalentEd has a cross-generational approach to working with young people. It is a really interesting setting, with different cultures, different age groups and the development of personal and academic skills.

How do you occupy your time when you aren’t tutoring with TalentEd?

I’m a psychotherapist. At 56, I stopped teaching full time to re-train as a councillor. TalentEd allowed me to keep my hand in teaching so as not to waste my skills while I was re-training. It offered the best of both worlds, because I could study while teaching.

What do you enjoy most about being a TalentEd tutor?

Being part of a team – with my small group of young people, with the other tutors, and the wider organisation. As a teacher you belong to a large organisation, but when you retire you no longer have that, so it is really nice to have that sense of belonging. It is also really nice to feel like you are doing something good, especially as you get older!

What impact do you think the TalentEd tutors have on bright students from low income backgrounds?

Yes – they get better grades, but that is only one of many benefits. There is a huge impact on the personal growth of the young people. They are empowered to increase their life chances and want to do better for themselves and understand how to do better by themselves.

What would say to a retired teacher who is considering applying to TalentEd?

It is a life affirming process and is really enjoyable.


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