TalentEd’s expert tutors are an integral part of the programmes we run, without their expertise and inspiration we would not be able support disadvantaged students across the country. To celebrate their efforts we will be featuring profiles of some of our tutors, to get to know the people that make it all possible a little better.

Expert Tutor Profile: Sarah Evans

After working in recruitment Sarah moved to teaching, after starting as an LSA she later became a head of department and specialised in German. Aside from TalentEd she has a one year old who keeps her nice and occupied running around after him.

I am from London. I’m not sure I would describe myself as a proud Londoner – we tend to get a bit of a bad rep for being always in a rush (slightly true!) and rude on the tube (definitely not me!) 

I actually worked in recruitment before I went into teaching. I was motivated to make the career change by the challenge of bringing out the best in young people and being able to see past their own limitations of themselves. 

I am British, and started learning French at primary school and German at secondary school. These proved to be my main passions and I went on to study both at UCL. This gave me the opportunity to live and work in France and Germany, and eventually Hong Kong as well through a placement with my teacher training.  

When I first left my job in recruitment I worked in a school in Lambeth as a Learning Support Assistant. I think it was initially so that I could see if working in a school was for me, but I immediately got the bug of working with young people in an inner London setting. I then spent the next few years in Newham doing my NQT year and eventually becoming a head of department. Part of my specialism was German teaching which was for the top sets so I would be focusing on pushing bright students to achieve their potential. This meant that Talent-ed’s mission, working with bright students in similar settings to where I had worked, was particularly interesting for me. 

There can sometimes be a lot of pressures placed on bright students in schools, including too high expectations, not high enough expectations, self belief worries and perseverance issues. I enjoy encouraging them to fulfil their ambitions and achieve realistic goals. 

In my spare time I like to read if I get long enough, I also enjoy sports (although I must admit I am more of a keen viewer than partaker) – my favourites being cricket and rugby. I have a one year old who takes up most of my attention and has just started walking so does running around after him count as exercise..? 

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