Fed up with having to wait for DBS approval, worried it can’t be used between employees or that it may have expired and no longer be valid causing delays and loss of earnings? The DBS update service may be a good solution involving little more than a minimal annual fee and  once registered which might be recoverable from an employer.

Each year Talented lose many hours of tutoring, experience delays in starting programmes, costs in managing and auditing the control systems for the usual enhanced DBS checking protocols. A basic check is not considered acceptable.

A solution appears to be the DBS update service where tutors and potential tutors simply register and sign up. When it comes for a new school, tutoring opportunity or new employer to check. No longer do three documents need to be provided, complex forms completed in exact detail or expensive one off fees paid. The source is reliable DFE source so no need for several checks from different umbrella authorities which are still considered non transferable.

We are now recommending to all new applicants at the point of interview that they look to take this option up (refundable when they become appointed). Talented continue to have access to our own DBS checking service, which costs the charity several thousands of pounds each year to administer and manage. Funding which we would rather direct to student support.

If you have trialled or wish to trial the service we would like to hear from you, of your experiences and of course your DBS certificate number if it has changed or is not already on our files.

Help us, help you, help students.

Matthew Roberts

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