Grace has been tutoring with TalentEd for almost 3 years, having worked in six schools and currently working with students at Oasis Academy Hadley. Beyond the brilliant work she does for us, she also created WAPPY an organisation that works to promote the artistic and preformative talents of young people from diverse backgrounds. Here’s what she has to say about her experiences working with young people:

WAPPY stands for ‘Writing, Acting & Publishing Project for Youngsters’, which I set up in 2008 with a small grant of £750 from Ealing council and organisational support  from the charity,  Positive Awareness.  Its aim is to develop the creative writing and illustration skills of young people (from 4 to 18 years) from diverse backgrounds, and train them to become skilled performers of their creative work, which they will later have published, exhibited, recorded and/or produced in print or digitally. It also provides author-interviewing and research experiences for its members, training and volunteering opportunities for students, job seekers and others looking for career progression. That’s the long and the short of it.

See WAPPY’s development  from its humble beginnings to date, in this video full of beautiful collages, and highlights from the book launch

Read a press release on WAPPY’s book launch and arts council funding! 

More on what WAPPY do

Work with TalentEd

For TalentEd, I joined mid-march 2016 and have worked in 6 schools on a regular basis, around west and north London mainly plus for a term in Essex. I thoroughly enjoy being part of an organisation that empowers young people to see their learning goals and aspirations as limitless, and recognises the rich, varied skills and professional expertise its tutors have in facilitating a growth mindset, the enhancement of study and interpersonal skills and confidence in the bright students we work with.  It’s great  to be able to draw on the materials and resources prepared by the organisation, which provide the conceptual framework, while at the same time in recent years tutors have greater scope to , ‘get creative’ by drawing also on our own resources to enable each student group and individual students to reach his or her own potential.

Grace continues to work with the British Museum as one of their facilitators in the Education department since 2005, as well as freelance as a spoken word artist, editor, trainer, tutor, dissertation supervisor and an events organiser, under the name of ‘Akuba’.


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