TalentEd’s expert tutors are an integral part of the programmes we run, without their expertise and inspiration we would not be able support disadvantaged students across the country. To celebrate their efforts we will be featuring profiles of some of our tutors, to get to know the people that make it all possible a little better.

Ian works with TalentEd at Woodlands school in Basildon and is an associate lecturer on the Open University’s Masters in Education. He has been teaching for over 35 years and lives in Essex.

I am a Lancastrian, like my wife,  who has been adopted by Essex for the last 30 years. I taught in a London school for 35 years before retiring as a Head of Year and a Maths teacher in 2013. I have been an Associate Lecturer on the Open University’s Masters in Education degree course since 2004. Since retiring I have nearly completed my doctorate on student employability. 

I became a teacher because I wanted to contribute to the realisation of the potential of young people through formal education, as I had benefited from formal education. Talented-Ed provides an opportunity for me to continue  to use my knowledge and experience to realise student potential. Working with bright students provides the opportunity to uncover  their potential, and guide them towards Higher Education. Despite the cost of H.E., it is better to have a degree than not to have one.

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