Whether it’s Phantom of the Opera, Death of a Salesman or Much Ado About Nothing, we are offering to send you to a theatre show of your choice, for the small favour of telling a friend about TalentEd. 

From now until 1st December, we are offering £60 in Theatre Tokens  to spend at any theatre on any production you so choose. All you need to do is refer a teacher to TalentEd, if they become approved and placed on a programme and cite you as a referrer on their application, we will give you a £60 theatre voucher to say thank you.

Find out more about Theatre Vouchers here

Referees must state the full name of their referrer in their application under ‘How did you hear about us?’ and fill in your name in ‘Please elaborate on how you heard about TalentEd,’ as shown below 




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