Experienced, approved or active tutors are invited to submit details of their experience and ideas for assisting in the delivery of our Lesson Observations across London, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Thurrock and South Essex.

Following the request from Tutors for greater input and feedback on what and how they might develop their TalentEd sessions we are now looking for volunteers and/or paid part time tutors with experience to assist us in this role.

Our lesson observations typically take place twice during a programme, once during each half. Due to the growing number of schools, multiple tutors and a wider geography of the charity this is not a function that can be delivered  in full by our central team.

The observation takes place during the usual session time, therefore you will need to be available for specified weekdays between 2.30 and 4, which is when most programmes are delivered. Observations typically involve a 1hr visit to the school observing and providing feedback to tutors as well as discussing programme content with Link Teachers and participating students. In addition to the school visits you will be required to log in to a brief, regular training and standardisation meeting.

Payment rates are consistent with current tutoring rates

Registered Tutors with experience in undertaking observations should send through a covering email/letter, detailing their experience to info@talent-ed.uk

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