Our 300 tutors are an impressive bunch, sharing between them a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with young people. Amira Marius is one of TalentEd’s long-serving tutors, aiding in the support of not only our pupil premium students, but also her fellow tutors through peer observations. In this blog Amira details some of her top tips for delivering an engaging and exciting TalentEd session.

There are several aspects of tutoring that I find help relationships between tutor and student to develop and bond. One is to share my own experiences, this peaks interest, shows that there’s more to you than a tutor.  Another aspect, is to familiarise yourself and develop relationships with all the other students on the programme, not just the students in your group, this gives a sense of community learning and creates a social space which differs from the typical classroom learning. This eases students and gives them more confidence when they need to join other groups

My top 5 tips are:
1. Greet all students on the programme by name in every session regardless of them being in your group or not
2. Share your own experiences with your students
3. Be flexible and ready to adjust according to students interests
4. Allow room for sessions to be interactive and student led as much as possible
5. Always ensure you are fully prepared with a session plan ready

If you are a qualified teacher who would like to give back to low-income, high-ability pupils in your area apply here and help TalentEd students make a change to their futures. 

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