Over the past few months we have rolled out a new weekly session report form that provides a better way for us to monitor attendance and feedback.

Previously, tutors filled out a ‘google form’ and that’s where the data was stored, in TalentEd’ s google drive. From there, we could check attendance in the form of a spreadsheet.

As you can imagine, it was quite difficult to consistently monitor this in a way in which is useful for the team and tutors. I was extremely excited when we changed the way in which we do this and now the session report is directly linked to our CRM system which allows us to pull attendance reports, access comments and check if reports have been filled out. The new system has worked wonderfully! Tutors receive an email at 3pm on the day the programme is running as a reminder to complete the form.

I just wanted to share with you some of the positive changes that the new session report has provided for me personally.

  • We now have a ‘completion’ rate of 95.58% (June figures 130/136 session reports completed)
  • An easy tick box that indicates whether the session report has been completed
  • Easier to monitor outstanding session reports for the previous week to send reminders
  • Automatic reminders at 3pm on the day of the session which means the report is waiting for tutors in their inbox by the end of the session
  • A more seamless way to monitor comments, student progress and attendance through a simple report that generates every Monday
  • Due to the wonderful tutors completing these reports, I can provide more accurate attendance figures which have remained above 80% in the last month.

For a School Relations Manager, this is exciting stuff.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the tutors currently working in our schools for of course, their commitment to the programme but also for taking the time to complete session reports, which makes my job a great deal easier.

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