Last month our group of eight year nines at Landau Forte College, Derby graduated the first TalentEd programme to have run in the school.

Tutors Julie Jackson and Joyce Danby worked to deliver the Study Skills, Confidence and Aspirations programme to their groups of four and were given some fantastic feedback by their students:

She taught well and took time to answer our questions and listen to our view and opinions

My tutor was kind, respectful, understandable and helpful.

My tutor explained stuff to make sure we understood it and allowed us to have fun while learning.

The students all did incredibly well across the 21 weeks of sessions and got on so well that each was given a book personalised to them by their tutors as a memento, a fantastic way for them to remember the hard work they put into the programme and the expert teachers that made it all possible.

100% of the students reported to have noticed a change in their abilities since starting the TalentEd programme and so massive praise is due to Julie and Joy for such a thoughtful send-off and a fantastic example of the dedication that our tutors put into each of their student’s success!

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