At TalentEd, we look to your feedback when working on ways we can develop and streamline many of our systems and processes, and it is why we’re excited to announce that we are close to finishing and launching our newly improved “tutor forms”. This will provide our live tutors with a platform which they can use to track their students weekly session engagement throughout the year. Based on a number of tutor feedback we’ve received over the years, we have decided to invest some money into building new functionalities which will provide our tutors and schools with greater insight into their pupils engagement with the programme on a week to week basis, which currently, is simply not possible due to the limited functions that exist on our current platform.

For those who have never before tutored on our programme, each week, our tutors are expected to complete a weekly session form which provides us with information about their session such as knowing which students have attended, which students were most engaged and whether tutors feel that their students have met the learning objectives. In addition to this, the form also offers tutors the opportunity to note any celebratory stories they would like to share about a specific student or the overall session. This information is then collected and where appropriate shared with Link Teachers working at the schools.

With the support of our tutors who will be engaging in some behind the scenes testing, we aim to have this project completed prior to the launch of our new programmes. To find out more, please email

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