Beth is a TalentEd Ambassador based in Warwickshire, working hard to help us do outreach to the area to make a difference to the educations of young people in the area.

‘I am a secondary history and humanities teacher in North Warwickshire. I am studying for an EdD at the university of Warwick and like to use research based evidence to adapt the way that I teach.

My interest in being an Ambassador for TalentEd stems from my interest in supporting underachieving students to achieve their full potential, which I endeavour to do in my classroom. However, the support given by TalentEd to small groups of students enables this kind of support to have more impact, which will not only raise students’ achievement but also their self-confidence and love of learning. It is exciting to be part of the expansion of TalentEd as it will allow more students from different regions and backgrounds access to this aspirational support.’

If you are interested in supporting TalentEd as an adviser, ambassador or volunteer we would love to hear from you email


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