These are unprecedented times. For all of us, life has been turned upside down in recent weeks, but our emergency services – including schools – are making us proud.

In some respects the coronavirus does not discriminate; we are all potential victims or carriers. Yet in many other ways the impact of COVID-19 will be starkly unequal – as the most disadvantaged are hit hardest. This is particularly true for our young people.

The school closures put in place this week will disproportionately impact students from less affluent households, both academically and in relation to their mental and physical wellbeing. Read more on this from Prof. Becky Francis of the EEF here.

Summer learning loss (or the “summer slide”) is a well-documented phenomenon which sees students from low-income households fall further behind their peers during the long summer break. As we enter an indeterminate period with no in-school learning, there is a real risk that the attainment gap will grow even wider, and we will see learners from a disadvantaged background returning to school with significant gaps in their education.

That is why, for the first time, TalentEd will be offering our tailored tuition online. Our fantastic team of experienced tutors will use an online video conferencing platform to deliver high-quality sessions to small groups of students. It won’t be quite the same as face-to-face, but we know our fantastic tutors will make the sessions just as engaging and impactful for their students. Most importantly, it will help ensure that they do not get left behind.

These are difficult times, but we are excited about the increased accessibility that online tuition offers, and look forward to delivering more tailored tuition to help students grow.

We hope you are all keeping safe and staying sane.

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