Our lovely new recruit Jess will be running the London marathon on the 28th April this year, not only to make us all look bad but for a fantastic cause that is close to her heart, AngelmanUK

Here’s what she had to say:

After watching the London marathon in 2018, and getting a little adrenaline rush, I thought it’ll be a laugh to enter. I thought there’d be no chance, but at least I tried right? Well, I’ve only gone and got a place. Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I’m not an avid runner. In fact, I despise running, but I couldn’t be doing it for a better cause.

My cousin Louis, 10 years old, has Angelman Syndrome. This is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system. He has come such a long way over the years and as a family, we are extremely proud of his progress. This would not be possible without the unwavering support and love of his mum Shelley; family and friends and Angelman UK.

I would have run for miles in the other direction of the marathon if it wasn’t for Angelman UK and wanting to support the work they do. They are more than just an ear on the end of the phone; they conduct research, provide support to families and siblings, hold meetings and conferences and most importantly, help families to not feel so alone.

Please, please sponsor me absolutely anything you can manage. Or, use it as your bet that I’ll fail?

It’ll be worth it to watch me crumble.

Sponsor Jess on her incredibly impressive marathon run!

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